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Thank you for your interest in the National Tea Party Federation. 

We are a broad coalition of national and regional Tea Party groups established to create a unified message and media response amongst key leadership and their affiliates.  We will act in unison without a central leadership to collaborate and promote the movement’s core principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets.


The Federation is committed to improving communications between local, regional, and national tea party organizations.  Our purpose is to facilitate and support clarity of message, rapid response to media misinformation, and to continue to build the brand equity of the Tea Party movement.


Our Federation membership is purely voluntary.  However, we ask that members represent a Tea Party, 9/12 or other related activist group that reflects the core principles of the NTPF.


We have established a few simple criteria for affiliation and inclusion into the National Tea Party Federation.  We hope you will find these to be reasonable and effective in maintaining the quality and security of the NTPF.


Thank you for your consideration.  Please complete the web form below after you have reviewed the Membership Agreement for the NTPF and submit. A representative will follow-up by phone and confirmn your inclusion into the National Tea Party Federation.  No dues or funds are solicited or required.



The National Tea Party Federation

Membership Agreement for NTPF

Membership Rules:

  • Each tea party/patriot group will only have one vote for any issue or agreed messaging.
  • Each group maintains autonomy.
  • Non-violent activities only.
  • Local group may appoint 1-3 representatives (includes backups) to NTPF to participate in calls, etc.
  • Do not forward NTPF work products to general membership (only final releasable product).
  • Do not forward or use NTPF member contact info for any purpose other than NTPF.
  • May not use NTPF logo or endorsement for any purpose not approved by NTPF membership.
  • Full disclosure required of any official partisan affiliation of anyone serving in a leadership position in the NTPF or member organization, to the organization leadership. In the event of an officially declared candidacy for public office, full disclosure to the NTPF membership is required.
  • Participate in Federation meetings (conference calls or Summits) no less than twice a month.
  • The NTPF does not admit organizations or groups who have “9/11 Truthers” as part of their leadership.
  • The NTPF does not admit organizations or groups who are self-identified as “Birthers”.
  • No dues are required nor is any solicitation of funding from members permitted.

Removal from NTPF:

Upon motion and presentation of case, any group may be removed from NTPF membership by majority vote of NTPF membership.  Cause must be a violation of membership rules or other gross misconduct (for example inciting violence).

Revisions to Membership Rules:

Changes and modifications can be made to membership rules by majority vote.  A motion and discussion must be made during one meeting and a week must transpire before final vote takes place at the following meeting so as to allow members time to consider the proposed change to those rules.

NTPF Membership Application

Please complete the requested information and submit for review.  A representative will contact you after receiving your formal request within 48 hours of receiving this submission.

Thank you for your interest in the National Tea Party Federation.

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Our organization rejects Birthers


Our organization rejects 9/11 Truthers


Our organization rejects racial discrimination


Our organization rejects hate speech


Our organization rejects acts of violence or subversive behavior


I have read and agree to the Membership Rules of the NTPF

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